For Family and Friends

Family Accommodations

Your Care Manager can provide a listing of hotels and motels conveniently located near the hospital. Family members who need overnight accommodations but cannot afford to stay in a motel may wish to consider the following housing options:

Ronald McDonald House
1300 Sports Center Drive
Lexington, KY 40502

The Ronald McDonald House is located 3.5 miles from Cardinal Hill. It has 17 private rooms with baths for families of children (aged 16 and under) receiving treatment at Lexington hospitals. Van service is provided.

Accommodations for Children

Arrangements for parents of very young patients to stay with their children may be made prior to admission. One parent may stay with the child 24 hours a day.

The parent is encouraged to participate in the child’s care as soon as he or she learns the procedures from the staff.

Together, the parent and staff will plan the parent’s participation in the child’s daily therapy programs.


Visiting hours are 7 am to 8 pm every day. Your visitors may be with you whenever you are not involved in therapy, personal care or a teaching session.

After your initial evaluation is completed, you will be able to let your visitors know your daily schedule. Please encourage them to respect and further your program by not visiting during therapy times, except when they are specifically requested to do so. Children are welcome, but please be sure they are adequately supervised.

Family Groups

Because families need support as well as instruction, groups for families and  friends of patients are offered to answer questions, provide information, share feelings and assist in planning for the future.

Members of the staff lead discussion. We strongly encourage your main caregiver to attend these group meetings. Other family members and friends are also welcome. Your Primary Nurse or Case Manager can provide you with information about family group meetings on your unit.

Family Teaching Days

Family Teaching Days are scheduled so that all members of the rehabilitation team can work with the patient’s family. We request that one or two familymembers or other caregivers who will be your main helpers at home arrange tospend at least one day in the hospital to learn and assist with your care.

Family Teaching Day will be scheduled for a convenient time following your initial evaluation. Please be prepared to suggest a date at the time of admission. Teaching will require most of the day, so your family will need to arrive early.

Family members will:

  • Practice learning to help you get ready for the day
  • Learn and practice your nursing care
  • Accompany you to therapy sessions to observe your progress
  • Learn to assist you in daily activities
  • Meet with the Case Manager and other members of the team


Free parking is available for visitors, including many “handicapped parking” spaces.

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