Physical Therapy - Clinical Instructor (CI) Responsibilities

*1.)  Complete Orientation Checklist which is begun by the CCCE/(Practice Coordinator). Send completed copy to the PT Office.

2.)  During student's first week:

*A.  Meet - discuss expectations & set general goals for rotation.  Discuss CHRH general goals (overall).

  • discuss learning styles (of CI & student) and special  requests/interests.
  • discuss supervisory style of CI and ask student's supervision preferences.

B.  Schedule meeting with CCCE 2nd or 3rd week (for both student & CI (separately, of course!).

C.  Perform a patient evaluation with the student, before assigning the student to do an eval, within the first five working days.  Have the student review the  medical chart, gather medical history and then compare and review with the therapist.

D.  Review all scheduling/documentation procedures and your expectations.

3.)  Students hours are basically 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday- Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Fridays.  Hours may  vary if CI works on a flex time schedule or student has specific needs.  If students finish early, they need toclear leaving early with CI.  Students need to arrange for time off if needed (days to be made up at CI/CCCE's  discretion) - CCCE needs to know any schedule deviation from normal and any time off requests made by student as well as how it will be covered and made up.

4.)  Review all orders received and supervise any new treatment before student solos.  (Pool, modalities, classes and hydro are some examples.)

*5.) Review all scheduling/documentation procedures and your expectations.

*6.)  Co-sign ALL documentation.

7.) Provide student with daily verbal feedback.

*8.) Provide student with formal meeting time at least once weekly.  Review progress/problems and set new goals for the upcoming week.  Preferably meet 2-3 times a week for the first couple of weeks as needed - can be adjusted as needed.

*9.)  Provide structured written feedback at least one time weekly.  CI should forward one copy of written feedback to the CCCE as well as giving a copy to student to keep.  This is required and not an option. Should any concerns arise, written feedback should be given immediately.  Notify CCCE as soon as you ever have a concern about a potential problem.  Make sure both CI & student sign ALL forms.

*10.) Copy midterm and final eval giving one copy to the student and one to the CCCE.  It is okay to only copy narrative (of midterm) of Blue Macs or CPI - no need to copy entire eval twice!!  If eval is not CPI/Blue Macs, talk with the CCCE(Clinical Specialist).  A complete copy of the final evaluation is needed.

11.) If a student is possibly in danger of not passing a rotation, or shows the CI cause for ANY concern, it should be identified and addressed with CCCE (Clinical Specialist)  if you EVER have a concern about a potential problem please contact CCCE prior to the midterm to allow adequate time to resolve the issue.

12.) Call CCCE (or drop in!) with ANY questions/concerns.  Providing a good clinical experience for the student speaks highly of you as a professional as well as giving the student a good foundation as a new graduate.  Thank you for your help in making good clinical education experiences possible for students at Cardinal Hill!

*If a student has 2 CI's, the primary CI is responsible for the *'ed items although the secondary CI may also assist.

WRITTEN: March 1999

REVIEWED: August 2000,12/03, 8/05

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