Information for Patients

Admission to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Unit

An Admission Facilitator will do an assessment and provide you with information about the Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Unit before admission. An arrival time will be scheduled for admission day. Plan to have a member of your family accompany you to the Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Unit  to help you get settled into your room, to tour the unit and to meet staff. (He/she may stay until 8 p.m.) Your family member should bring along a completed Patient and Family Pre-Admission Questionnaire, as well as your personal belongings and insurance cards. Cardinal Hill will arrange for your medical records to be sent to the unit before you arrive.

Your Accommodations

Case Manager

You will be assigned a Case Manager who is available to you and your family whenever you have a question. The Case Manager will help you get settled on admission day, schedule Family Teaching Days, give regular progress reports to you and your family and coordinate discharge planning.

Length of Stay

The length of your program will depend on your individual needs and progress. After an initial evaluation, which will be done within 48 hours of admission, your treatment team will meet to discuss your treatment plan.

We strongly encourage you to remain in the unit for the recommended length of stay so that we can fully meet your rehabilitation needs.

Therapy Services

Skilled therapy services are offered in both individual and group sessions and are provided six to seven days a week. (Therapies are also offered on most holidays and your team will inform you when one of these holidays occurs.) Because therapy is at the heart of your rehabilitation program, you will be scheduled for appropriate therapy daily, with several sessions throughout the day being a typical routine.

Treatment Team

Upon admission, you will be assigned a team of specialists who will work to meet your individual needs. In addition to the Physician and a Nurse, this interdisciplinary team may include a Physical Therapist (PT), an Occupational Therapist (OT), a Speech/Language Pathologist, a Social Worker/Case Manager, and Dietitian. The team welcomes your questions and your participation in setting goals for your rehabilitation course.


We ask that you and your family comply with every precaution to ensure your safety. Until your physician gives permission, please do not attempt to stand or walk, transfer to or from your wheelchair, or smoke without assistance or supervision from a staff member. When in your room, please use the bedside call button to request assistance.

Personal Items

Be sure to bring to the hospital the articles you usually use at home for personal grooming, such as skin care, denture care and hair care items. You also may bring along a special photograph, a pillow, an afghan, a calendar, magazines or other items to make you feel comfortable; however, please leave valuable property at home.


Each room is equipped with a television.

Mail Services and Deliveries

Your mail will be delivered to the nursing station on your unit and forwarded to you. If mail should arrive for you after you are discharged, it will be forwarded to your home address. Please ask anyone sending mail to address it to you, in your name, at:

Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital
2050 Versailles Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40504

Flowers will be delivered directly to your room. If flowers should arrive for you after your discharge, they will be sent back to the florist.


Since you will be working toward a normal daily routine, you will need your usual daytime clothing. We suggest that you have on hand several comfortable, loose-fitting outfits, as well as socks, nightwear, underclothes and at least one pair of pants with a waistband. Pants rather than skirts or dresses are suggested for women, in the interest of modesty as well as comfort. Shoes should be comfortable and supportive, with non-slippery soles. All articles of clothing should be marked clearly with your name. Please do not bring valuable or fancy clothing or jewelry.


Family members are encouraged to wash your clothing at home.  A plastic bag for soiled clothing may be obtained from the nurse. Your name should be clearly marked on all clothing, regardless of where laundry is done.

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