For Your Safety & Security


Only those medications prescribed by your Cardinal Hill Physician are permitted while you are in the unit. If you are admitted from home, please bring with you all medications you have been taking so that they can be checked, and medications then will be ordered by your Cardinal Hill Physician and supplied from Cardinal Hill's pharmacy.

You and your family will be instructed in the use of medications needed on an ongoing basis, and you will receive prescriptions for these at the time of discharge.

Alcohol & Drug Use

For your own health and safety and that of our other patients, use or possession of alcohol or of any drugs or medications not prescribed by a Cardinal Hill Physician is strictly prohibited. This includes the times when you are off hospital grounds. Unauthorized use of alcohol or drugs may result in discharge from the unit. Any patient exhibiting signs or symptoms consistent with alcohol and/or drug use may be requested to have blood drawn for testing. The attending or covering physician will be notified of the results, and the patient may be discharged at the Physician’s discretion. Refusal to undergo testing is also grounds for discharge.


While you are at Cardinal Hill, you may smoke only with approval from your physician. For the health of all, smoking is permitted only outside the building in designated areas. Smoking while rolling in a wheelchair is not permitted. For some patients, unsupervised smoking may not be permitted.

Firearms and Other Weapons

Possession of firearms and other weapons by patients or visitors in the unit or on Samaritan property is prohibited. Possession of a firearm or other weapon by a patient is grounds for immediate discharge.

Electrical Equipment

For safety and the protection of private property, the Cardinal Hill Hospital Engineering Department must test and tag all patient-owned electrical equipment (such as radios, tape players and shavers) before they are used. Personal televisions, videocassette recorders and videotaping equipment are not permitted.


For safekeeping of cash or other property, please see the unit clerk for storage in the safe on the unit. Patients are discouraged from keeping cash or valuables on the unit.

Lost and Found

If you or a visitor loses any items during your stay, contact the Unit Clerk on the unit. The unit clerk will keep all lost and found articles and will assist in finding your item.

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