Going Home From the Unit

Discharge and Beyond

Going home after a stay at the Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Unit is a special event.  We call these celebrations, rather than discharges.  On your celebration day, your Case Manager will help you check out. After you have been discharged, we want to make sure that you continue to do as well as possible. Your Cardinal Hill Physician will send a summary of your treatment and progress to your home physician. If further therapy or help at home is needed, your Cardinal Hill Case Manager will refer you to the Cardinal Hill Center for Outpatient Services, to outpatient facilities in your home area, or to the home health agency of your choice. The team will make sure that your family has detailed instructions for your home program or exercise and care.

You may be scheduled to return to see your physician at the Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital Outpatient Clinic following discharge. The purpose of the clinic visit is to review your progress at home and help with any problems that may have occurred. In addition, you will need to reestablish contact with your home physician so that he or she can assume primary responsibility for your ongoing medical needs. We are always available to answer questions or help with a problem. Please let us know how you are doing!

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