NEW MILD Procedure to Treat Low Back Pain

Cardinal Hill Pain Institute and Dr. William Witt offer NEW mild® procedure to treat common cause of lower back pain

For your patient’s over 50 and who suffer from lower back pain caused by the symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS), Dr. William Witt and the Cardinal Hill Pain Institute are offering the new  procedure to treat these symptoms.

Dr. Witt and the Cardinal Hill Pain Institute are offering LSS patients a new treatment alternative called mild®. Developed to remove the source of LSS symptoms earlier in the treatment continuum, mild® is a groundbreaking new procedure that safely and therapeutically reduces pain and improves mobility while maintaining the spine’s structural stability. Many mild® patients report immediate relief, and most go home the same day.

The mild® procedure provides relief for patients by addressing a primary cause of LSS. During the procedure, the physician uses mild® devices to remove small pieces of bone and the tissue causing the pressure on the nerves.

The mild® procedure and devices have been proven safe and effective in several clinical studies.2,3 Data have shown that mild® patients experienced consistent, statistically significant improvement in pain and function as well as physical well-being following treatment.3 No major adverse events related to the devices or the procedure have been reported.2,3

More Information
For more information on mild® and the Cardinal Hill Pain Institute, please call 859-367-7246 or visit our Pain Institute page on our website, or  Additional information is available at or by calling 877-985-6227.

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